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New Search and Rescue Mobile Network tested by Vodafone

There is a very interesting initiative by Vodafone New Zealand.

The press release says: "Vodafone and Police Search and Rescue (SAR) have successfully tested a helicopter based technology prototype that has the potential to save lives during search and rescue operations. The idea was inspired by the America mother and daughter (Rachel and Carolyn Lloyd) who went missing in the Tararua Ranges around this time last year. They couldn’t call for help but luckily a helicopter spotted them in time."

... just imagine if they had taken an A*LIVE with them. They could have been able to call for help as soon as they got in trouble.

"Auckland SAR coordinator for Police, Sargent Dene Duthie said, “It is very exciting to have a two way communications system in a zero coverage area that actually lets us communicate directly with a missing person. There have been a number of cases in the past where technology could have saved us time, money and potentially lives. We are looking forward to this going further,” said Dene."

... to all of you out there: don't forget to take a safety device with you when you head into the wild!

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