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A*LIVE Dataplans – Switch on, switch off! Only pay per use!

There are many questions about the costs of the dataplans, the flexibility options and fixed costs coming along with using the A*LIVE. Here are some answers and examples:

Skip between dataplans anytime:

We provide four dataplans which you can change within 7 days. Example: In general you use the pay-per-day option for 3 Euro in the ‘A*LIVE Safety & Messaging Global’ dataplan, because you only take the A*LIVE on weekend trips. But when you go to holidays for more than a week and you plan to use the A*LIVE more or less daily always starting in cell phone areas (for example a hotel), it’s cheaper to skip to the ‘A*LIVE Safety & Tracking Global’ and pay only 19 Euro/month. Just tell us at least 7 days before you plan to switch the A*LIVE on. Your active month then runs for 30 days. After your holidays you just give us a note and you can skip back to your familiar dataplan. If you do not need the A*LIVE at all, you just switch it off. Then the dataplan is on standby without causing costs.

On-Time costs:

Buy the A*LIVE for regular prize of 490 Euro.

Running costs:

Yearly basic subscription fee 49 Euro

Why should I choose to pay 29 Euro/month (A*LIVE Safety & Messaging Global dataplan) instead of 19 Euro/Month (A*LIVE Safety & Tracking Global dataplan):

  1. You can start everywhere instead of needing to start in a mobile network area (for example a hotel, city etc.)

  2. In terms of safety, there is almost no considerable difference. The automatic SOS call will be sent 5 minutes earlier in case A*LIVE loses a signal (for example if you drown or step into a cave). All other safety mechanism run without any difference.

  3. In terms of tracking preciseness, you get more details.

If you have more questions on that topic, please don't hesitate to give us a note. Send an email to

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