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"If only I had been able to receive messages…" by Uli Strasser

Uli Strasser is one of the most experienced German XC paragliding pilots

Uli Strasser lives in the German Alps. He is one of the best and most experienced XC paraglider pilots (7 times top 3 in the German Championships). In 2015, Uli had a crash landing in a remote valley in Northern Italy on the border to Slovenia.

He says: “Unfortunately, I had no mobile phone connection so I activated my Spot. But it took like almost forever until rescue came. Reason: There were several mountain and paragliding accidents close by, which they had to take care for one after the other. With a broken leg and suffering incredible pain, I waited for the helicopter to arrive – in nerve-racking uncertainty whether my alarm had been transmitted at all.

With a device like the A*LIVE, I would have been able not only to send the alarm but also to receive an answer via satellite. That would have been really great. The rescue facility could have informed me about the situation, and they could have asked me how severe my injury was.”


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