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A*LIVE SmartSafety Tool

A*LIVE SmartSafety Tool v2



  • Real-time GPS tracking down to 1 sec interval
  • GPS / Glonass / Galileo, High Precision location with uBlox M8
  • 100% global coverage by GSM / 4G / Iridium
  • 3D data with altitude
  • Transmits external sensor data (e.g. pulsemeter) by BLE5
  • Team tracking
  • Share tracks on facebook, twitter, tripshare and own website
  • Replay, statistics, logs
  • Event-mode (1sec) with PVT/DOP data @ 18 Hz
  • REST-API available



  • Manual SOS 
  • SmartSafety with automatic awareness SOS
  • Live feedback
  • Dead-man switch
  • Fixed and dynamic roaming geofences
  • Crash detection
  • External trigger SOS
  • 2-step-escalation for rescue call to your friends or team, GEOS and local rescue facilities
  • 24/7 response 
  • reduces rescue response times by up to 90%


Satellite Messenger

  • Global 2-way communication (Email and SMS)
  • Send 3 Pre-Set Messages directly from the A*LIVE
  • For more features use the free App on your smartphone, available for iOS (min. iOS 12 / iPhone 5s) & Android devices (Android by end of 2019)
  • unique email-address
  • auto-localized weather forecast, news-service and more available
  • connects to iOS & Android devices by BLE 5


More Specifications:

  • Tailor-made data plans: pay only in the period of use, eg per week or month
  • Global SIM for GSM and Iridium already included (eSIM/chipSIM)
  • IP67 / IP68 Waterproof (Certification expected for June 2018)
  • Strong LED flashlight integrated
  • Dimensions ~ 12x8x4 cm, 200 g
  • approx. 100 h runtime with one charge with standard tracking (1 min GSM / 5 min iridium / pause mode)
  • Wireless, inductive charging to QI standard


Shipment includes:

  • A*LIVE with integrated Global eSIM and Iridium-Chipset, covers more than 190 countries and 450 networks in 2G, 4G-M1 (5G ready) and Iridium satellite networks
  • Induction charger with built-in PowerPack (10000 mAh), has 3 USB sockets (USB-A, -Micro and USB-C), can also be used to charge other devices



  • SOLAR Induction charger with built-in PowerPack (12000 mAh), has 2 USB sockets (USB-A) and can also be used to charge other devices


Lead times:

  • Next production batch expected for July 2022.

A*LIVE SmartSafety Tool

  • To use the A*LIVE you need an active data plan

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