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A*LIVE Rental incl. Safety & Tracking

Rental conditions: The basic rental period is 30 days. The equipment will be sent by us about one week before the desired start time and will be activated at the start time. For the billing of additional extension periods or data fees (average fees), a SEPA direct debit bank account or credit card must be provided. The contract or billing will be deactivated upon receipt of the return. For each subsequent day exceeding the ordered period, € 2.30 incl. VAT will be charged. Final invoice will be issued after return.

Incl. dataplan ALIVE SAFETY & TRACKING, incl. SmartSafety!


In case of acceptance as a purchase, 50% of the rental fees will be credited against the purchase price.


Please order rental equipment as early as possible (even months in advance!), as only a limited contingent is available!

A*LIVE Rental incl. Safety & Tracking

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